Be a premier project development organization by achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.

Our strategic roadmap provides the framework which defines the direction and shape we will pursue over the medium term. It provides a clear mechanism that enables us to fully understand the operating environment and prevailing market forces, prioritize objectives and allocate the necessary resources to achieve our strategic goals.

The following intent guides our actions:

We will challenge and change the industry by delivering a unique business offering.

  • At Somsol we will focus our core expertise on delivery of  major projects, consistently developing, constructing and operating high quality, sophisticated serviced assets to budget and on time.

  • Through DfMA, innovation and engineering excellence our optimized designs and programs will create measureable whole life value for money for our clients.

  • Increasingly our projects will incorporate products and innovations of highest quality to underpin measurable long-term performance.

We will build collaborative relationships – becoming a partner of first choice.

  • Somsol will collaborate to build enduring relationships with its clients in key markets.

  • High quality commercial relationships will allow us to progressively target the work that realizes our vision.

  • Our way of working with partners, private and public stakeholders and suppliers will be the basis for delivering optimum solutions and creating greater value.

We will combine leanness and agility to enable our own success.

  • Somsol will work as one team and its leadership will harness Group-wide resources to deliver priority targets.

  • We will rigorously assess every aspect of our performance: with monitoring, evaluation and learning developing every day to drive superior outcomes.

  • We will create globally recognized, leading edge organizational capability well known for the high quality output we deliver to all our clients.