Combining economic and social development with financial modeling expertise to build new cities and redevelop existing ones.

Recent reports suggests that by 2025, more than half the world’s population will live in megacities of 10 million or more people. Some of these urban dwellers, for the first time ever, will have incomes high enough to classify them as consumers. All of them will contribute significantly to spending and GDP. At the same time, their demands on infrastructure will be great. In fact, to meet the needs of these urban consumers, cities must invest heavily in infrastructure and building space. Managing these investments, while encouraging economic growth and safeguarding natural resources is a difficult task. We can help. We focus on planning and developing cities that support growth, without compromising environmental or social sustainability.

What we do

Our Infrastructure Practice works with regional governments, urban planners, foundations, non-profits, utilities, and businesses to plan and develop new cities and redesign existing urban areas. 

Our consultants collaborate with colleagues in complementary practices, such as transport and logistics, sustainability and resource productivity, and public sector, to bring cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Throughout the lifetime of a project, we work closely with clients to build their capabilities and ensure the sustained impact of these projects. 

Our role includes:

  • developing economic master plans for new and existing development zones

  • assessing the requirements for and economic feasibility of major infrastructure associated with development

  • modeling the economic and environmental impact of major infrastructure on cities

  • evaluating and launching performance improvement programs for major city infrastructure-related services

  • providing project management support to establish and develop major urban infrastructure projects